Essay Formats

When writing an essay, one of the mot important parts is formatting. You may have a very good talent in the creative writing process, but you also need to run a thorough research and ensure you understand everything about formatting, editing, proofreading and even presenting an essay. Find out below some of the most important factors pertaining to the formatting of an essay.

Essay formatting factors to keep in mind

Essays must be typed using Microsoft Word. The essay is always written double spaced, and if you hand in your essay written by hand, the writing must be very legible

  • Always keep a copy of the essay you submitted in both print and digital form
  • Quotations + Latin Names in your essay must be always put in italics. If the paper is handwritten, all quotations and Latin names will be underlined in order to get highlighted.
  • Attach an extra sheet to the essay, where you will mention the following: the name of the tutor the essay has been written for, your full name, the course + module, the title of the essay and the exact date of the essay submission
  • As a very important part of essay formatting, you need to number each page
  • Typically, a “short” essay is minimum 1,200-1,300 words, while a “long” essay is 2,500 words.
  • Leave Wide Margins on your Word document- this is the place where the tutor will place comments, and where stapling of your essay will occur
  • References + Bibliography- as required – always check carefully the references style you need to use
  • Your essay may include diagrams, tables, and other inserts

Essay Fonts as Part of Formatting

Your essay will be Word processed, and you must use Font 12-point Times New Roman. Use the upper drop down menu in Word to select the font size and style. Unless specified differently, you should refrain from using other font styles and sizes. Always double space the text for better legibility, and do not include extra spaces between paragraphs.

Formatting of the first page of your essay

The first page of your essay must be immaculate, and formatted correctly. On this page, you will include several details in the upper left corner: your full name, the name of the instructor the essay has been written for, your course/class and the date.

Page formatting

Every single page of your essay should have 1-inch margins on all sides. According to the most popular MLA style, you should leave 1 inch margins top, bottom, left and right. This will give your entire paper a nice symmetry. Also, each page of your essay should be numbered in the upper right corner as follows: Last Name + Page Number. For example, Smith 4, Smith 56, etc.

Formatting of the Essay Title

The Title of the Essay will appear centered, on the first page of your essay. It is extremely important to mention that the title should be written using the same font size and style as the rest of your paper. Also, you should never underline, put in quotation marks or put in Italics your essay title.