Top 10 Apps Every Student Should Use

Top 10 apps every student should use

Here are ten apps that will help make you more productive, will help you learn a little quicker, and will help you manage your own self-control and urge to procrastinate. A student with these tools is well equipped to take on college and win.

1. Sunrise Calendar
This is a calendar you can use to organize your day, except it lets you overlap tasks and sections of your calendar, which is more convenient and easier to understand if you are in a rush.

2. Any.Do
This is an intuitive planning app that allows you to use the simple interface to build plans and clear your days of clutter. You can manage everything in just one place without the clutter.

3. One Note
Store your notes like a champion with this fantastic note-taking app. It allows you to take and store your notes in easy-to-understand categories, plus you can use it to collaborate with other people. You can use the cloud to save your notes so that you may access them wherever you go. The One Note app allows you to save a variety of files, not just your notes, so it may turn into a catalog of the files you wish to keep and use on a regular and not-so-regular basis.

4. Anki
Create your own flashcards with this app and you may be able to memorize things a lot faster. You can create your flashcards and then use their intelligent system to flash them up in a way that helps you learn better. There are pre-made cards and cards you can make yourself. How much effort you put into the system will help determine how successful you become. You can use it to refresh your memory, or you can create your own cards and build a whole system to help you learn.

5. Wunderlust
With this planning tool, you may create to-do lists and plan your numerous projects and all within the same user interface and on the same app. It helps improve your planning and ergo helps improve your productivity.

6. Self Control
This is a MAC app that shuts down your Internet so you cannot be distracted by it. The tool is free and was built to help people that simply cannot stay away from the Internet when they are supposed to be working.

7. Rescue Time
This app tracks what you do on your computer or on your mobile device. The aim is to help represent your time in a graphical form so that you may stop wasting time and start being more productive. The hope is that if you see how much time you waste, then you will stop.

8. Tomato Timer
When you are working, do you find that your breaks become too long? For example, you are in the flow and doing well, but decide to take a break before you burn out. Have you noticed that it is then Super Hard to get back into the flow or working? With this browser app, you simply click when you start your break and it gives you a stark reminder when it is time to finish your break. It helps break you from your procrastination cycle.

9. RefME
Use this tool to create your citations and bibliographies in the most consistent form and manner possible, whilst ensuring you do not make any formatting errors.

10. Google Docs
There are numerous options open to you if you choose Google Docs. You can use it on your desktop computer, or you can use it on your Smartphone or tablet. The content package offers a wide range of content-creation and writing tools that you can use to run a small business or make your more productive as a learner. All of the tools may be used simply without the need to download, and you can use them no matter which device you are using. Plus, with cloud computing you are able to transfer your files from one device to another by saving it and opening it on your other devices.